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Our proprietary training and development system, Taylormadeleadership TouchPoint™, is largely responsible for the phenomenal results we consistently see. Study into the science of human behaviour over 35 years led our founder Randy Taylor to identify and create this process that consistently produces real, lasting change.



The Difference is Our Process

Our proprietary training and development system, Taylormadeleadership TouchPoint™, is largely responsible for the phenomenal results we consistently see. Study into the science of human behaviour over 35 years led our founder Randy Taylor to identify and create this process that consistently produces real, lasting change.

Clients now refer to the cornerstone of our training addressed more than 12 years ago as the missing link. It has long been the accepted position of business that it is the responsibility of the individual to take the information provided in training and implement it. The reality is that in far too many cases valuable training is lost and binders sit on shelves collecting dust. This happens not because the training was inferior or the process inadequate. The root cause is not the training. The issue is the reality of the science of human behaviour and how we learn. What we determined more than a dozen years ago was that it was the lack of commitment to a process of implementation, follow up and accountability that was the issue. We see it as our responsibility to work in concert with each and every one of our clients to provide a clear process of implementation, daily contact, accountability and one on one assistance. A core statement engrained into every training program we deliver is,
“The difference between wanting and having is doing”

Our Process

  • Define the objective (training goal)
  •  Formulate the philosophy of change and provide a solution
  • Outline the process and necessary action steps
  • Daily follow up and accountability *
  • Achieve the result
    * Every client enrolled in Taylormadeleadership training and development programs is contacted individually every day with a reminder of their daily activity and tool of accountability.

What the Course Includes

• 7-monthly presentations-1 hour in duration
• A complete set of notes of each session
• A copy of the Taylormadeleadership Success Journal
and course notes binder
• Full inclusion in the Taylormadeleadership Touchpoint™
• System of daily contact, follow up and accountability
• Unlimited telephone and e-mail access to Randy
Taylor for one on one assistance
• An additional 6 months (18 months in total) of
contact, follow up and accountability

Program Modules

1 The Self-Directed Success Solution

Our daily time management process is one of the most important skills anyone in
management can learn, utilize and train with. Usually a person in a management
position is required on a daily basis to define and execute the necessary activity for
performance and function completely on their own. Self-direction in the face of
constant distraction is a great challenge. This session will implement an
understanding and structural process of self discipline to increase productivity by a
minimum of 100% . Once learned this skill is completely transferrable to the team.
Learning Objective:
To learn and implement a process to take advantage of the best and most effective
use of time on a daily basis. At minimum increase productivity and income
by 100%.

2 Why Driven Productivity

Emotion is the primary driver of productivity. Survey after survey on employee
engagement, loyalty and productivity prove this out. In employee satisfaction
surveys salary and remuneration almost never make the top 3. Belonging, mattering and making a difference always make the top 3. In this module participants will
be instructed in both the importance and process of assisting all team members to
define the ‘why’ of business both from a team and individual level. This module will
also instruct leaders on assisting team members to define their own personal why
with the assistance of the EGS system.
Learning Objective:
Define and utilize emotionally driven goals to drive activity.

3 Human Behaviour – The Science and Process of Change

A key element of leadership is to understand that if a team member is struggling
with something, there is nothing wrong with them. The struggle is rooted in
behaviour. The key point is that all behaviours can be changed. This module will
deal with first understanding how behaviours are created, how the sub-conscious
mind and the information taken in impacts current and future behaviours and how
to change the behaviours that create challenges. This session will also deal with
understanding the behaviour of team members and the process necessary to
assist in the development of change.
Learning Objective:
Identify self-limiting behaviors and thought and replace them with positive action
driven behaviors.

4 Why driven business development

Client don’t do business with the smartest and most experienced. They do
business with people they like and trust. This is at the cornerstone of buying
psychology. In well over 95% of new business approaches here is the structure of
the common approach.tes and they are, why then would we
start client engagement on business? The answer is to share “why” we do what
we do with our clients and prospective clients.
This session will provide a completely new approach to reach, connect with and
secure new clients by focusing your value proposition on you.
Learning Objective:
Identify and learn a very powerful and completely unique approach to new
business development

5 Skill Development and Growth

The challenge to grow is similar for us all. Growth comes from the application of
specific effort designed to move forward towards a target. What impedes all growth
is the psychological element of belief as to whether the goal is attainable after the
consistent application of effort. This session will clearly define the psychological
particulars of growth and will implement a systematic process of incremental
activity designed to overcome the challenge. This knowledge and the process
application are of special importance to the management of a team.
Learning Objective:
Implement a process to grow and improve in all areas of life and make real
life/balance possible.

6 The Power of Focus

Improving our ability to focus is one of the most important and least discussed
elements in the field of leadership and time management. Scientific studies show
that the average person is focused on this exact moment in time no more than
10-15% of the day. The balance of time is spent lost in non productive thought.
This is what I refer to as the 867 Factor which is the average number of minutes
each person wastes each day lost in thought. This module will provide a clear
understanding of the process and how to implement the skills necessary to begin
to grow our ability to focus, overcome distractions and train the mind to “go into the
zone” at will. Steps will also be implemented to use this as a transferrable skill to
improve the focus of all members of the team.
Learning Objective:
Overcome and greatly reduce distracted thought leading to improved productivity,
reduced stress and improved quality of life.

7 Relationships

The basic premise behind building any relationship is to first and foremost make a
connection on an emotional level. People want to build relationships with those
they work with, for and do business with. The key is to begin with the knowledge
that a critical component of human nature is that everyone wants to matter. From
a management perspective, understanding, defining and implementing the proven
steps to create trusted, long standing relationships is crucial in dealing with not
only clients but team members as well. This session will assist managers to define
and understand the psychology and process of successful relationship development.

Learning Objective:

Learn and implement the proven elements of relationship mastery leading to increased business and life quality.


Program Creator/Facilitator

Randy Taylor

Randy Taylor’s story is remarkable. His ability to connect with audiences and create lasting
change is truly extraordinary. Extensive study over 30 years into the science of human
behavior has allowed him to become one of the nations leading experts in human potential
and leadership. Having escaped poverty, parent alcoholism and life on the streets Randy
was able to overcome incredible odds. Beginning at age 28 he began a 20-year career that
propelled him to the very top in Canadian broadcasting at CFRB 1010 and as the host of
Summit of Life on Global Television. His level of expertise has won him several national
broadcast awards. Twelve years ago Randy left broadcasting to form Taylormadeleadership.
Through his own personal experience and study for over thirty years he has developed a
dynamic new leadership and personal development process called “The Winner Within”.
This program has received national endorsement from seven of the largest companies in Canada. His notoriety is growing among
some of the top corporations and associations in North America. His client list includes Manulife, Motorola, RBC, London Life,
Investors Group, Aim Trimark, Desjardins, Xerox, Empire Life, ReMax Realty, Petro Canada, Kraft Foods, Industrial Alliance,
Freedom 55 Financial, The Government of Canada, Brookfield Homes, and many more.


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