Saskatoon – AUG 26, 2019

AUG 19, 2019

Awesome Saskatoon (Awesome-preneurs) – Meet Greet Grow

About this Event

What can you expect:

• Meet & Greet

• Networking

• 2 AWESOME Presentations

• Meet the ownership team.

• AWESOME Handout

Come join us for a great evening of networking and experiences.

Be sure to check us out you won’t regret it.

Date And Time

Mon, 26 August 2019

6:00 PM – 8:00 PM EDT

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Lucky Bastard Distillery
814 – 47th St E
Saskatoon, SK

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I’m super excited to have Kyle Blythe, CEO & Founder of Awesomepreneurs and Kevin Bulmer, the producer & host of MoMonday’s in London, ON, as our GUEST speakers in 2 weeks from today, Monday, August 26th!
This is what they are here to teach you…
Imagine for a moment that your marketing message washed up in a bottle on my beach. What about it would make me:
a) Notice?
b) Take it out of the bottle and actually look at it?
c) Respond?
Most of us in small-to-midsize businesses only ever say we’re different. But only a very few actually communicate in an original, meaningful way.
Let’s get your message “out of the bottle” and into the hands of the people who care.
With this fun, engaging and down-to-earth presentation, we’re going to shift our perspective to see how simple, fun and effective it can be to:
Feeling confused, frustrated and overwhelmed, blending in, interrupting, paying for “awareness,” spending time & money doing and saying similar things – in the same way – as everyone else while hoping for a different result.
Standing out and setting yourself apart in an engaging, authentic way.
Increasing your return on investment of time and money.
Understanding and implementing your unique brand story.
Building referrals and positive word-of-mouth.
Achieving measurable results through implementation of a strategy and plan.
Why most local marketing doesn’t connect with real people … and what to do about it.
The mindset shift most marketers need to make in order to get the results they’re looking for.
Three key questions we need to be asking ourselves, and in what order (and why most marketers have it backwards).
The single most important area marketers can improve to increase their ROI (and it’s the area where most are way, way off course)
How to understand what your “brand” is, and how it’s being shaped by your message, content & approach.
Real-world examples of what’s possible.
Some simple strategies and tactics of what to do next!


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